HarmoniQ Residence
It is possible to choose "HarmoniQ Residence Sriracha", the Apartment in Sriracha.
"HarmoniQ Residence Sriracha" is a residence for families only , like a detached house, for which the Japanese housing and real estate development know-how are gathered. All the rooms are 120㎡ or bigger.
We pursued the comfort for Japanese people, and prepared 4 floor plans.
We made the space smart but quality and warm at the same time. Please enjoy the time with your family in the relaxing space.

Type A – 2BR (122.24㎡)

Type A – 2LDK  (122.24㎡)
Large space living facing the promenade full of greenery.
As for Type A living room, the frontage is more than 6m and the ceiling height is 2.8m. A open and sufficient space arranges your family time and conversation.

Type B – 2BR (122.24㎡)

Type B – 2LDK (122.24㎡)
We pursued the convenience of users thoroughly.
As for Type B, wet areas including kitchen, washroom and bathroom are gathered compactly.

Type C - 3BR (138.80㎡)

Type C - 3LDK (138.80㎡)
Comfortable sufficient space of 140 ㎡.
Type C has 3 large bedrooms and large space living room whose frontage is more than 6m, depth is more than 5m, and ceiling height is 2.8m. It provides a relaxing space for family.

Type D - 3LDK (122.24㎡)

Type D - 3LDK (122.24㎡)
Compact and functional 3-bedroom-type room.
3 functional bedrooms. Wide living room with the frontage of more than 6m and the ceiling height is 2.8m.

Living Space Design

"Japanese Style" realized at real estate in Sriracha.
"HarmoniQ Residence Sriracha", that delivers new life style to the real estate market in Sriracha, is equipped with equipment originated in Japan.
We realize the Japanese Style in Sriracha, no matter that you are living far from "home" in Japan.
Entrance Hall

Entrance Hall

Japanese Style Entrance Hall.
Entrance hall with sufficient space for taking off shoes.


Open kitchen where you can enjoy talking with your family while doing the housework.
All the rooms of "HarmoniQ Residence Sriracha" are equipped with the system kitchen of LIXIL facing the living dining. We pursued usability such as IH cooking heater, size of sink, storage and number of outlet plugs.


Bathroom with washing space where you can enjoy taking a bath with your family.
All the rooms are equipped with "bathroom with washing space" that is suitable for life in Sriracha.
Private toilet

Private toilet

Equipped with a washing function toilet seat.
Stress-free private toilet separated from bathroom. Equipped with a washing function toilet seat.
Storage Space

Storage Space

Large storage space for users.
Number of items to be stored increases as a child grows up and life gets longer. All the rooms of "HarmoniQ Residence Sriracha" is equipped with a large storage space. The closet in the bedroom is useful, and there are intermediate shelves and drawers.
Housing Performance

Housing Performance

Top class housing performance in Japan.
The housing unit of SCG Heim "Sekisui Heim" is utilized for "HarmoniQ Residence Sriracha". Secure high soundproofing performance by utilizing "D-50",that is utilized for piano rooms in Japan. Daily life noise from neighbors, that is a common problem for Japanese in Sriracha , is reduced drastically. And high airtight and thermal insulation are secured by the precision of the housing unit manufactured at a factory. It improves air conditioning efficiency in Sriracha where is hot throughout a year, and realizes comfortable and eco-friendly residence.