HarmoniQ Residence

Location Map

Located next to the Thai-Japanese Association School Sriracha and the OISCA Japanese Kindergarten.
"HarmoniQ Residence Sriracha" is the optimum educational environment because it is located at the opposite of the Thai-Japanese Association School Sriracha and right next to the OISCA Japanese Kindergarten.
There are a lot of living-convenient facilities.
There are a lot of living-convenient facilities around "HarmoniQ Residence Sriracha".
HarmoniQ Sriracha Residence supports your life in Sriracha. There are a lot of shops and restaurants convenient for daily life such as MaxValu, Tsuruha Drug Store and Daiso etc. Easy access by shuttle bus and Tuk Tuk.
B.S.C. driving range
Leisure park optimum for refreshing. There are a wide range of facilities such as futsal park, bowling alley, billiard room, karaoke box, music studio, Thai massage and restaurant in addition to the driving range of 300 yards. It is easy to relax on the way back from work or weekends.
Good location close to highway.
It is possible to commute without being disturbed by the traffic jam at the center of Sriracha, if you live in "HarmoniQ Residence Sriracha". The access to Bangkok, Pattaya and Suvarnabhumi Airport is easy because it is located close to the Highway 7. Please go out with your family and friends.